Acquapazza Gourmet is born from the passion of five members to their land and ancient traditions. Located in Cetara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Acquapazza Gourmet is one of the very few producers who make the “Colatura di Alici”, Anchovy Extract, according to the traditional methods that have been handed down for generations in this small piece of the Amalfi Coast. The Colatura di Alici has very ancient origins and is assumed to be derived from Garum, an ancient seasoning used by Romans obtained by similar processes. The Colatura Aquapazza Gourmet is made with anchovies fished exclusively in the Gulf of Salerno from local fishermen between March and July. Once selected, eviscerated and deprived of the head, the Alici are salted with integral artisanal salt and placed in the terzigni, cylindrical chestnut wood containers. The terzigni once filled with anchovies are then covered with a lid on which stands a rock that with its weight compresses the anchovies. From a hole below, with the passing of days, pours an amber and dense liquid that comes from the compressed anchovies in salt. The Colatura di Alici from Acquapazza Gourmet is extremely concentrated and high quality, in fact you only need tiny amounts to give aroma and texture to the fish dish.

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