Benedetto Cavalieri

“Every packet of pasta will gain credit from the one that went before it” – the powerful message Benedetto Cavalieri sent out when opening his first pasta factory with the specific aim of producing pasta of the highest quality. This was on the 7th of July 1918.

Benedetto Cavalieri is one of the leading family-owned companies that produces pasta by old-world artisanal methods.

The Cavalieri family has been growing durum wheat since the 1800’s and founded the company in 1918 with the establishment of its mill and pasta factory in Puglia, South-East Italy.

Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta is widely known for its rigorous selection of raw materials, which are grown in purposely chosen fields in the hills of Southern Italy, with its crops being chemical free. The company has also developed a long, kneading process, called ‘Delicate’, which is a slow pressing, drawing and drying process at a low temperature to preserve the nutritional values of the durum wheat, its taste and flavour.

The company’s products have won countless awards, making them an essential pantry item!

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