Conservas Catalina

Catalina Anchovies are produced in Santoña, Northern Spain – a region famous around the world for its production of anchovies. Their anchovies are an entirely artisanal product – from the carefully selected fishing spots in the Cantabrian sea, to being stored in a dry sea salt mixture for between 6-9 months, to being hand filleted and packaged in olive oil one by one.

The anchovies have received countless awards, including two out of three stars at the Great Taste 2014 and 2015 awards – described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world, organised by Fine Foods and Harrods in London; along with being awarded the best Cantabrian anchovy of 2015 and 2014 after a series of blind tests. They were also recently awarded ‘Best Anchovies’ in Santona awards.

These anchovies are delicate and balanced in flavour, with mild salty and fishy flavour.

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