Corte dei Papi

The brand is inspired by the symbolism and the accuracy of the floor of the Cathedral of Anagni, made by the “ Cosmati” – a Roman family of artists who became famous for the beauty of their mosaics in the twelfth century.
The two concepts – symbolism and accuracy – are the core of their philosophy: on one hand they want to collect the inheritance of a millennial tradition, on the other they want to make it perfect carefully using the modern tools at our disposal, thus mixing ancient techniques and modern technologies.

Corte dei Papi estate covers an area of about 190 hectares between the towns of Paliano and Anagni in the heart of the production area of Cesanese del Piglio D.O.C.G.
The estate is nestled in the hills resulting from the karst erosion that interested the area in prehistoric eras: this ancient geological origin makes the three hills of the estate and the surrounding landscape soft and very beautiful.

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