O-Med is a family owned company with an olive grove and oil mill located in Acula in Southern Spain. O-Med produces high quality olive oils and vinegars. The company has a passion for its products with the work, experience and traditions originating from the company’s founder, Juan de Dios. Their oil has been consistently judged as one of the world’s best olive oils.

O-Med vinegars are produced in the Schützenbach method, a traditional method that dates back over 150 years. It follows a slow and careful process that permits the extraction of the best features of vinegar and its origin wine. It produces excellent quality vinegars and at the same time, it permits development and conservation of its aromatic and taste qualities.

Because of the Schützenbach method O-Med vinegars tend to be very balanced, not overwhelmed by acidity. O-Med’s goal is to taste the wine and its original qualities to the point where the vinegars are almost drinkable.