Vannella Cheese

Vito Minoia, head cheese-maker at Vannella, was born in Conversano, Puglia. The Southern Italian town is also the birthplace of the famous burrata: a fresh, stretched curd cheese that is filled with creamy stracciatella and then hand-tied. At 16 years old Vito learnt how to hand stretch curds in the traditional way. Over the following years he worked in some of Italy’s best cheese factories and later opened his own business in Conversano, Caseificio Vannella, using his wife last name.

The Minoia family then decided to move out of Italy bringing his knowhow to Australia. Firstly they set up the new business in Cairns to be close to the dairy herds and buffalo and later moving to Sydney. A variety of fresh and stretched curd cheeses that embrace the traditions of their birthplace are made daily at Vannella Cheese Australia. Each product is approached with the same care for quality and authenticity.

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