Pont L’Eveque Tradition AOC

Pont l’Evêque is a washed-rind cow’s milk cheese made in Normandy. It has warm, buttery, savoury flavors and tangy, fruity undercurrents. Legend has it that Pont l’Evêque was introduced by monks in the Pays d’Auge during the Middle Ages; it was known by its current place-name by the seventeenth century. With its mild, milky, and grassy flavors, Pont l’Evêque is a prime example of the very high quality of French washed-rind cheeses.

Style: Washed rind 
Milk: Cow 
Rennet: Animal
Fat: Depends on variety
Size: 350g
Affinage: 4-6 weeks
Origin: Pont-l'Évêque, France
Pont L Eveque