Murcia al Vino PDO

Pressed, washed, uncooked cheese made from Murcian goats’ milk and cured for a minimum of 45 days for large cheeses and 30 days for small ones. Macerated in red wine during ripening to give the rind the characteristic color and aroma.

A pleasantly sharp aroma and unsalty flavor. The red wine in which the cheese is soaked during ripening gives a flowery aroma and a pleasant aftertaste with reminiscences of goat’s milk and cream. The texture is creamy and elastic.

Cylindrical in shape, the height is 6-7 cm (2½ -3”) and the diameter 7-9 cm (3-3½”) in cheeses weighing 300-400 g (10-14 oz) and, in the larger ones weighing 1-2 kg (2.2-4-4 lb), the height is the same but the diameter is 12-18 cm (5-7”). The rind is smooth, very light and a characteristic wine color. The paste is dense, compact when cut, ivory-colored and may have a few small holes.

Murcia al Vino