Acqua Pazza Colatura di Alici Anchovy Sauce 50ml & 100ml

Colatura di Alici is actually anchovy sauce because it is derived solely from fresh anchovies, no other kind of fish. Its roots can be traced back thousands of years back from the ancient Roman period when it was still referred to as “garum”.

Acquapazza Colatura di Alici di Cetara has achieved 2 Stars Great Taste Award 2017

The cleaned anchovies are alternately layered with salt (specifically salt from Trapani, Sicily) inside small barrels made of chestnut wood then covered with a wooden disc and a big marine stone to provide the weight. The anchovies are left to mature for a few months. As a result of the maturation and pressure of the weight, some liquid emerges on the surface which is collected and exposed to the sunlight in which evaporation makes it more concentrated.

After six months, the liquid is poured back in the barrel, where it passes slowly through the layers of anchovies inside and seeps out from a small hole at the bottom of the barrel. The transparent amber liquid drips inside a clear glass container then it is finally bottled.

Acquapazza’s Colatura is considered to be the best Colatura on the market thanks to the ageing period which produces such a rich and concentrated product and it can only be found in a limited number of specialist shops in Italy.

How to use: Wonderful on pasta and very easy to recreate the traditional recipe for the sauce (just add some garlic, olive oil and parsley to 1 teaspoon per person of Colatura). Colatura can also be used to flavour fish, vegetables and pulses instead of salt.