Bisol Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Extra Dry Molera

The roots of the vines stretch out downwards into the clay-laden marine sandstone of the steep slopes of morainic hills dappled with patches of “molera“ a soft citrine rock. The stony soil with various depths allows the roots of the vines to penetrate deep into the ground as far as the bedrock. The grape harvest, rigorously carried out by hand on the steep slopes, the strenuous work, the passionate and continuous confrontation with the extreme terrain bestows the mantle of Heroic Agriculture on this wine.

Its colour is straw yellow with slightly green highlights.
Its bouquet Its is soft and elegant with balanced sapidity.

Variety: 100% Glera
Exposure of the vineyard: South, East, West

Altitude of the vineyard: 250 meters a.s.l (820 ft.) Training system: double curtain
Date of the grape harvest: early October
Alcohol level: 11,5 % vol.
Sugar content: 15 grams per litre
Total acidity: 5,7 grams per litre
Dry extract: 17,5 grams per litre

Service: 8° C. (46° F.) in a crystal goblet.


Distinguished by its delicate minerality this wine is ideal with seafood as an aperitif.