Vivaldi Duetto Mascarpone & Gorgonzola

A cheese speciality created to meet the requirements of the most demanding consumers, it consists of a soft and creamy paste where layers of Mild Gorgonzola PDO alternate with layers of Mascarpone; in general, there is more of the latter, representing about 60% of the final product. The production is exclusively industrial, where the workplace and the machinery are subjected to checks and tests on a daily basis to ensure that the hygiene and health conditions laid down by the Ministry of Health are respected.
Gorgonzola and Mascarpone is particularly appreciated for its capacity to combine in a single product the harmony between the strong flavour of Gorgonzola and the mild flavour of Mascarpone. Mainly eaten as a table cheese, it can also be used, in particular by foreign chefs, to make Gorgonzola sauces to accompany meat and many other dishes.


Mascarpone Gorgonzola Duetto