Pepe Saya Cultured Salted Butter Logs 2.5kg

Loose Butter, as many butters that make up 2.5kg. Cut and Label to order. It is perfect for restaurants that want to cut the butter to their size. Comes with 250 pepe Pepe Saya Tabs as seen in the picture.

Size: 180-200g logs with Pepe Saya tabs.

Ingredients: Cream (from Pasteurized cow’s milk), Culture.

Pepe Saya’s Cultured butter has a minimum of 85% fat content. Nutritional Information: Energy: 3100 Kj/100gm, protein: 0.6 gm./100gm, total fat: 83.2gm./100gm, saturated fat: 54.7gm/100gm, carbohydrate: 0.7gm/100gm, sugars: 0.7gm/100gm, sodium: 9mg/100gm.


Pepe Saya Butter logs